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Report: Worst 50 Traffic Bottlenecks

The Highway Users released a major research study examining the worst traffic chokepoints. CLICK HERE »

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RT @SmarterFuels: The #ethanol lobby must face the #InconvenientFacts: People are learning the truth about #RFSBroken! https://t.co/E73oMtX…

EPA out of control again --- and our kids are their target. How to respond? The truth is that car use is up while ozone pollution is way down because of major investments in clean air technology from the very car makers that EPA is demagoguing. Cars also provide a convenient way to finding a full range of jobs, shopping, doctors, and even lots of playgrounds. Kids understand that.
EPA's Earth Day message for kids: Cars are bad
Coco the Chameleon and Carl the car teach kids about pollution, transit and biking.
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Federal Highway Administration Issues Final 2015 Travel Figures
The Federal Highway Administration issued its final estimate of 2015 highway travel which showed substantial growth in U.S. driving and a new record level of 3.1478 trillion vehicle-miles traveled. Continue reading

Highway Bill Conference Report Released
Congress has released the conference report on the final five-year highway bill, which is now entitled the FAST Act ("Fixing America's Surface Transportation" Act) - click here. Continue reading

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