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Report: Worst 50 Traffic Bottlenecks

The Highway Users released a major research study examining the worst traffic chokepoints. CLICK HERE »

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We can bring down our highway death toll with systemic safety improvements on our roads. Here's a video about a program managed by the Roadway Safety Foundation that will help. http://www.aashtojournal.org/Pages/VideoDetail.aspx?VideoId=489
AASHTO Transportation TV
​The primary goal of every transportation department is to make travel safer ---but in 2015 America saw a 7.2% spike in highway deaths—which amounted to 35,092 lives lost. At a Sept. 23, 2016 press conference at USDOT’s Washington headquarters we learned that the number of fatalities is trending eve...
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Excellent report on the US Road Assessment Program @iRAPSavingLives #RoadSafety @USDOTFHWA #TowardZeroDeaths… https://t.co/xlVkZhCldw

23 Organizations Oppose FHWA Regulatory Overreach
A diverse group of organizations representing highway users, transportation, vehicle, and energy trade associations filed joint comments opposing any move by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to impose a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction performance requirement on State transportation departments and metropolitan planning organizations. Continue reading

Federal Highway Administration Issues Final 2015 Travel Figures
The Federal Highway Administration issued its final estimate of 2015 highway travel which showed substantial growth in U.S. driving and a new record level of 3.1478 trillion vehicle-miles traveled. Continue reading

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