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Highway Users Applauds New Fuel Economy Labels



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Highway Users Applauds New Fuel Economy Labels

WASHINGTON, DC (May 25, 2011) – The American Highway Users Alliance (Highway Users) today applauded the unveiling of new fuel economy labels by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These labels, which will be affixed to all new passenger cars and trucks beginning with model year 2013, will be beneficial to highway users nationwide who are trying to make informed decisions when purchasing vehicles.

“Driving is a critical means of transportation for the vast majority of Americans,” said Greg Cohen, President and CEO of the Highway Users. “Concerns about vehicle emissions and rising gas prices therefore remain salient, and the new fuel economy labels will provide motorists with the clear, helpful information they need when trying to select a new vehicle that will meet their needs.”

In addition to providing prospective buyers with a means of comparing energy requirements and operating costs of electric versus gasoline-powered vehicles, the new labels will provide estimates of how much fuel or electricity it would take a given model to drive 100 miles, and ratings of how that model compares to others for emissions of smog and other pollutants. The labels will also provide a useful guide to consumers on how much they can expect to save or spend on fuel over five years compared to what they would with the average new vehicle.

“These new labels will allow consumers to make financially and environmentally responsible decisions when purchasing a new car or truck,” Cohen said. “This is particularly good news for highway users at a time when energy independence and sustainable freedom of mobility are critical issues that are high on everybody’s priority lists.”

The new labels will also help underscore the great strides auto manufacturers are making in developing the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles. With hybrids, electric, and conventional vehicles covered by the new label requirements, consumers will be able to see the landmark progress being made in the efforts to keep costs low at the pump and ensure that environmental concerns are addressed without impinging upon the mobility that remains vital to the nation’s economic vitality and quality of life.


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