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Norman Y. Mineta, U.S. Department of Transportation

“The American Highway Users Alliance has come a long way since its founding in 1932 as a non-profit advocacy organization for sound highway public policy. If you take quick look at Historical Milestones you’ll see The Highway Users’ long history of accomplishments as the voice of millions of highway users for safer and less congested roads. I hope that you will review the booklet (a 75th anniversary commemorative publication) with an eye towards supporting this worthy organization whose outstanding achievements would not be possible without the commitment of organizations and motorists whose daily lives depend on our national mobility.

At this critical time for our highway infrastructure, we all have much at stake as the federal highway program faces its most serious funding, policy, and fundamental mission challenge in fifty years. The Highway Users’ public interest approach to advocacy joins diverse businesses and industries with motoring clubs, bus companies, truckers and others to provide the broad perspective needed to persuade Congress, media outlets, and motorists themselves that mobility is critical to our nation’s future.

For more information about the road ahead, including our legislative agenda and published research, visit the home page of this website or contact the Highway Users staff.

I hope you will recognize that your financial support for The Highway Users’ programs is a rewarding investment both for your organization and your ultimate customers, the driving public. Every member counts in the work ahead and we have miles to go.”

Norman Y. Mineta
Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation (2001-2006)
Honorary Chairman, American Highway Users Alliance

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