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Supporting the Senate’s MAP-21 Highway Bill

On July 21st, Highway Users President & CEO Greg Cohen testified before the Senate Enviornment & Public Works Committee to advocate strong support for the bipartisan MAP-21 bill.  He remarked, “We strongly believe that MAP-21 will serve the public interest, grow the economy, and overcome the roadblocks facing other major legislation in the 112th Congress.  We strongly support passage of both this bill and the House bill so that a conference committee can be convened quickly and you can complete your work.  The worst possible outcome would be if the Committee fails to make progress and we end up with a long-term extension bill that cuts funding and fails to reform the program.  We stand with you to prevent such a failure and we look forward to reviewing and commenting on the bill language as soon as it’s available.”  Read Cohen’s complete testimony here. Read our official press statement here.

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