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Demand a Highway Trust Fund Fix in the Infrastructure Bill

The Highway Users congratulates the Trump Administration for championing increased investment in America’s infrastructure and moving forward with a proposal for Congressional consideration.

Now, Congress must move quickly to develop legislation that can be enacted this year and that wins the overwhelming support of America’s driving public. The Trump Administration’s proposal shifts us out of neutral but significant changes are needed to get us across the finish line.

Most importantly, Congress must address the unsustainable Highway Trust Fund by raising user fees and dedicating that revenue to our FAST Act highway programs. We support several user-based options that could generate up to $280 billion in new revenue over the next decade. Options include a five-cent annual, indexed fuel tax increase over the next five years, an equivalent virtual VMT fee, an annual odometer-based mileage fee, an annual vehicle registration fee, customs user fees, or other fair user-based options. A final infrastructure bill conference report that does not include a Highway Trust Fund fix is likely to be opposed by the Highway Users because it would undermine the future of the federal-aid highway program and imperil passage of the next major highway bill in 2020.

Our members and friends’ voices must be raised to get results from your Members of Congress.


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