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Statement on the White House’s “American Jobs Plan”

News Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Daisy Singh, info@highways.org

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – On March 31st the White House released its infrastructure proposal, the “American Jobs Plan.” The proposal focuses on the infrastructure components of the White House’s recovery efforts as well as addressing climate change, environmental justice, and job creation. The package includes $2.3 trillion in spending over eight years with a $621 billion investment in transportation and the resiliency of our infrastructure.

Highways Users President and CEO Laura Perrotta issued the following statement:

“The Highway Users commends the White House on the release of its infrastructure proposal. The ‘American Jobs Plan’ is an important step towards major infrastructure investment this Congress. The proposal would provide significant highway and bridge investment when coupled with the transportation reauthorization. With a $786.4 billion backlog of highway and bridge investment needs in America according to the USDOT’s Conditions and Performance Report on Highways, Bridges and Transit, this proposal will kickstart a very important debate on infrastructure funding. We appreciate President Biden’s leadership on this important effort.

It is vitally important that Congress and the Administration work together to enact a bipartisan, long-term, and robustly funded transportation reauthorization before the September 30th deadline. Every American, driver, and roadway user deserves safer and less congested roadways and a more reliable commute to their destination.”

To learn more about the Highway Users’ transportation reauthorization priorities, click here.


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