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Invest in America’s Highways

In the summer of 2012, Congress worked across party lines to reform and streamline America’s surface transportation programs.  They developed a good bill that strengthened the federal mission, while eliminating earmarks and reducing waste and abuse.  The bill contains policy improvements that take about 6 years to fully implement.  Unfortunately, due to a revenue shortage, Congress could only come up with two years of flat funding to get improvements started.  By September 2014, the funding will dry up and the Highway Trust Fund will go into default.  Nearly all Americans agree that the federal government has a leadership role to play in investing in our major roads and bridges.  Road users have traditionally paid their way, without subsidies from general taxes.  It is time for Congress to agree on a bipartisan revenue solution that provides robust, reliable funding for the remainder of the decade.  Our country’s roads and bridges are aging rapidly and without a strong commitment to the surface transportation program, our economy and quality-of-life face a grim future.  Please join us in urging Congressional lawmakers to support our highways by agreeing on additional revenue to fund a robust six-year highway bill.

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