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Report: Worst 50 Traffic Bottlenecks

The Highway Users released a major research study examining the worst traffic chokepoints. CLICK HERE »

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The headline will be disappointing to many but early overemphasis on Public-Private Parternships was always controversial... we may be back to square one but could be on a better road to major highway investment in the long run. We have to digest that we need to raise money to pay for roads rather than expect gimmicks that appear to make it like we're getting something for nothing. http://thehill.com/policy/transportation/353746-infrastructure-spending-bill-sliding-down-agenda
Infrastructure spending bill sliding down agenda
President Trump’s change of heart on a core component of his $1 trillion infrastructure package has left the entire effort in doubt.
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HU has joined the Coalition for Future Mobility, which focuses on highly automated vehicles. https://t.co/xz1VAUrU2l

The Highway Users Joins Coalition for Future Mobility
The Highway Users has joined the Coalition for Future Mobility to advance legislation that improves road safety, reduces traffic congestion and enhances mobility through the use of highly automated vehicles. Continue reading

Highway Users Alliance’s Applauds DOT Secretary Nominee Pick
The American Highway Users Alliance commended the selection of Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary nominee Elaine Chao. Continue reading

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