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Report: Worst 50 Traffic Bottlenecks

The Highway Users released a major research study examining the worst traffic chokepoints. CLICK HERE »

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We haven't reviewed the methodology of this study either, but Arizona DOT's response is simply not acceptable. Yes, driver error is a factor in nearly all crashes, but some roads are definitely more forgiving of drivers' mistakes than others. Look at the footage -- NO SHOULDERS??? ADOT needs to be thinking about what they can do to make this road safer!
Study: Arizona's I-17 the fourth-deadliest highways in America
The analysis listed March as I-17's most fatal month, Saturday as its most fatal day and the 3 p.m. hour as its most fatal hour.
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HU has joined the Coalition for Future Mobility, which focuses on highly automated vehicles. https://t.co/xz1VAUrU2l

America’s Economic Expressway
The Highway Users is proud to support the Partnership for America's Economic Expressway to help usher in the future of the national highway freight network. For more information on this new initiative, click here. Continue reading

Highway Users Alliance’s Applauds DOT Secretary Nominee Pick
The American Highway Users Alliance commended the selection of Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary nominee Elaine Chao. Continue reading

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