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Who We Are

The American Highway Users Alliance is a nonprofit 501 (c)(6) advocacy organization serving as the united voice of the transportation community promoting safe, uncongested highways and enhanced freedom of mobility. Our history of successful advocacy since 1932 has represented the interests of millions of highway users and businesses who move America’s goods and services.

We are the only coalition fighting for policies that preserve opportunities for all people to live, work, shop, and travel unencumbered. We do not represent a particular industry or special interest view. Instead, we strive to present a united position that serves to benefit the broad interests of the motoring public.

Message from President & CEO Greg Cohen

The American Highway Users Alliance is a diverse coalition of businesses and non-profit organizations that fights on behalf of motorists, commercial drivers, RVers, motorcyclists, and all who use and pay for our roads and bridges.  Our members represent millions of U.S. drivers who are troubled by the deteriorating condition and performance of American highway infrastructure.  We currently face a dire predicament as our major roads and bridges age — becoming obsolete, deficient, congested, and unsafe.  A languishing economy has dwindled public and private resources available to address the problems and the federal Highway Trust Fund is facing insolvency.  On behalf of those who pay the user fees on gasoline, trucks, and tires that fund the Highway Trust Fund, we aim to restore the quality of our infrastructure and ensure that our nation’s highway programs are strong and focused on the needs of the motoring public.

By advocating for the freedom and opportunity that comes from personal mobility, we strive to shape public policies and media attention to restore America’s place as a world-leader in safe, sustainable mobility.  Not only do we hope to improve the daily lives of drivers and their families, but we believe our policies will also sharply improve our struggling economy and the quality-of-life in our communities.  Our nation’s “greatest generation” left an incredible legacy by building the great roads of the 20th Century; now it is our turn to ensure that future generations will also
enjoy the empowerment and freedom that comes from fast, safe, and efficient highway travel.


Greg Cohen, P.E.
President & CEO
American Highway Users Alliance

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